Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RE: Graffiti Blacklist

Dear JM,

It seems that JH & I have been booted from the Mafia. You're the only one left.
Come on, say something mean so I can quote you. We may be the new Graffiti paparazzi.

I know, I know, no one in Wisconsin actually hates anybody, but how about a few doodoo heads or kaka faces thrown in for good measure. Or this, just say "the cows don't like the project site". Gimme something won't you?

You know, I wasn't gonna say anything, cause I'm not sure I heard right, but when I met RB in San Francisco it sounded like he said that "all engineers were pussies". Don't quote me on that but that's what I think I heard.

That, or "Let's go get a lemonade", but it sounded bad whatever he said.

And did you know that DB hates, and I mean despises, cheese. Said he rather eat a turd. For real he said that. OK, that's a lie. He probably loves cheese. I mean, just look at him.

And I heard they are both voting for Obama!

Or McCain.

One of them. It shows how stupid they are.

Come oooooooooooonnnnnnnn.

I know you'll do the right thing (which in this case is the wrong thing {which makes it the right thing [according to JH anyway] } ). That's it. I'm out of parenthesis'. Happy now?


'da Hui no ka oi

Something's Changed - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings