Saturday, June 28, 2008


JRJ took this picture of the Coupe in Pomona earlier this year. He took a lot of photos that day. Most were extremely sharp, clear snapshots yet I've been drawn to this one ever since receiving it.

It took me a while to figure why I liked this shot so much. A bit blurry and out of focus, usually these are the kind that hit the Recycle Bin without so much as a second thought. And yet, something about this view makes me feel good.

It looks like the car is in motion. An intimate close-up as the Coupe is rollin' by. Of course it isn't. Just an optical illusion. Or perhaps an allusion to the long dormant speed and a reminder of the potential for fun that the Coupe still possesses but rarely demonstrates.

During the research while building our tribute, we've gathered hundreds of photos of the Milner Coupe. Most are static shots of the world's most famous deuce trapped behind a rope at some car show reminding us that American Graffiti is our favorite movie but stirring none of the emotions that made it such an iconic film.

Maybe that's why we build these look-a-like coupes. More about recreating the feeling of this car than the look? I think so. We want to drive the Coupe. Hunch over the wheel, hit the start button and drive. Search the streets for a Carol and drive. Shut down some out-of-towner and drive.

I've never asked him, but I'll bet Rick Figari would tell you that he used to have a boat load more fun in the early days when he was using the Coupe as God intended than he does now.

And maybe that's why this project is getting a bit old for us. Maybe we're tired of looking at pictures of the Coupe sittin' still.

Maybe it's time to drive.

(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters