Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Gots Us Some Headers

Of all the unique (read weird) features that the Coupe has, I think my favorite might be the headers. Sprint car headers fabricated by Franklin's Muffler Shop, they swoop and curve like sled rails. It's the one thing that most clone builders don't get right. They either use ready made Sandersons with their too sharp 90s, or they try to duplicate the Coupe's with only marginal success. They are hard to get right. The sweep has to head for the end flange like a rifle barrell. All the attempts I've seen recently have a forlorn downward bend where the pipes meet the collectors, the result of the four pipes not pointing exactly where the builder intended. Like I said it's hard. I'd say impossible, but A&M just might have done it right this time. They are beautiful. Actually they're better made than the Coupe's without the telltale seams and crimp marks of the originals. We're real happy with them.

Oh, and each side is different. Just like the Coupe's headers. Each flange is unique. We were lucky enough to find a stock set of flanges to start with. So we just had to fabricate and modify the other side to match the Coupe's. And the collectors? Yeah they're way different from one another. That was real tough to get right. I've heard Aaron developed a strange facial tick while making the drivers side and it's just now wearing off. Good luck with that Mr. Atnip. All for the cause right?