Friday, November 18, 2005

They're Purrty

Ansen swing pedals. A major 'correct' Milner Coupe part. Easy to find now. Not so three years ago. Searched all year for a set and when a scraggly old pair came up on ebay, The owner of the real Coupe beat me. I was so upset I surfed the net al night until I found a website called I posted a part wanted plea for a set of Ansens. By six o'clock the next morning a gentleman from San Diego e-mailed me that he had a 'nos' set he bought years ago and hadn't used. Elated wouldn't begin to describe my joy.

We cerma-chromed the bracket and chromed the legs. Should look alright in our coupe.

Now, the real Coupe has a strip of metal attached across the front of the bracket. Some sort of brace I guess. Probably to keep the bracket from spreading and letting the legs rattle. It looks as if it may be a stock item with the Ansens. I haven't seen it offered for sale with any pedals. If we want it we may have to try to fabricate a duplicate. I hesitate to repop anything though. So far, most everything we've found for the car has been authentic and era specific. We'll see... Posted by Picasa